Discover Your Hedgehog (Part 5)

June 29, 2012
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1st Page of Three Circles of Professional Development Worksheet

Discover Your Hedgehog

My former business partner, Rick Diamond, created a great tool to help people discover their optimal path and career goal. He took Jim Collins’ Venn diagram for the Hedgehog Concept for business success and applied it to an individual’s career search. Collins’ diagram has three circles: “What are you deeply passionate about?” “What drives your economic engine?” and “What can you be the best in the world at?” Where all three circles intersect lies the Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

Rick’s worksheet starts with those same questions, but with another goal in mind–finding the right job for you. He provides lots of helpful exercises to help draw out your individual strengths and sources of motivation. The end result is a very specific and individually tailored career goal.

Check out Rick’s Three Circles of Professional Development. You will find it quite helpful for creating clarity. Also check out Collins’ suggestions for how to find your own personal hedgehog, which involves doing some similar sorts of personal inventory then presenting your findings to your mentors.

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