Group Coaching 

Unlock the power of collective ascent with CO2 Coaching’s Ascent Group Coaching Program for High Potential Leaders. Where leaders don’t just climb—they soar together.

CO2 Group Coaching Framework

Ascent Group Coaching

The Ascent Group Coaching journey is meticulously designed to guide leaders through a transformative process, structured around a comprehensive 6-part framework. This journey not only elevates individual leaders but also harmonizes and elevates teams, paving the way for systemic organizational transformation. Here’s how we break down the ascent:

Pre-Work Checklist: Before embarking on the ascent, climbers prepare for the journey ahead. This stage is crucial for setting intentions, understanding the path, and aligning on objectives. It’s about gearing up, mentally and strategically, for the transformative climb.

Welcome: A foundational session to orient climbers to the Ascent journey. It’s the first step where climbers gather at basecamp, readying themselves for the expedition. Here, the stage is set, expectations are aligned, and climbers are introduced to the journey’s ethos and spirit.


This domain encourages climbers to delve deep into the ‘why’ behind their climb. It’s about understanding and aligning with a purpose that transcends individual goals, fostering a sense of greater meaning and direction in leadership and organizational endeavors.


Focuses on the heart of any organization – its people. This stage explores the dynamics of human behavior, relationships, and effective communication. It’s where climbers learn to navigate the complexities of team interactions with empathy, integrity, and trust.


Here, climbers explore the shared assumptions and behaviors that define their organization. It’s a deep dive into how culture influences perceptions, actions, and outcomes. This domain underscores the importance of a cohesive culture in achieving collective success.


Strategy is the compass that guides climbers through the uncertain terrain of business landscapes. This stage equips leaders with the insights and tools needed to craft visionary strategies that are both agile and robust, ensuring the organization’s direction aligns with its overarching goals.


The crux of the ascent, where plans are put into action. Execution focuses on the practical aspects of bringing strategies to life, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, resourcefulness, and perseverance in overcoming obstacles and achieving objectives.


This domain examines the structures and processes that underpin organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Climbers learn to optimize systems for peak performance, ensuring that the organization’s machinery works seamlessly towards common goals.


Using Ascent we transform leaders, helping them gain the skills, perspective and self-awareness to unlock their full potential and propel them towards their next peak. Our group coaching services have an impact that supersedes any one individual. We make transformation personal, and systemic through our deliberate Ascent Training Model—by working with leaders to reach their next peak, they help their team and organization reach theirs.


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CO2 Coaching Services

Executive coaching

Grow Yourself, Empower Teams, Reach the Next Peak
For each step of the climb, CO2 Coaching Coaches act as sherpas — listening, asking, pointing the way to better routes. CO2 coaches were business leaders first. So, we understand your challenges, see hidden problems and uncover opportunities.

Strategy to Action Plan

Strategy to Action™ planning

Create a One-Page Roadmap to Success.                                                CO2 Coaching’s proven approach includes stakeholder input and organizational collaboration. This process transforms values and vision into achievable objectives. Your organization will move from uncertainty to action with a one-page plan ­– your roadmap to success.

Team Coaching and Team Development

Team coaching

Transform Team Potential into Peak Performance
Our Team Leader View™ and Team Diagnostic™ tools provide actionable insights for tailored coaching to increase your team’s engagement and performance. This holistic approach is backed by years of data from thousands of teams. Team Coaching ensures that every team member achieves peak alignment, cohesion, collaboration, improvement and results.

Leadership Training

Ascent leadership training

Elevate Cohorts of High-Potential Leaders                                              This is a hands-on, year-long experience where high potential leaders deliver results to the organization. Action learning develops leadership skills in high potentials while establishing a strong bench of senior leaders. This is deep learning by doing that can pay for itself.


What are the benefits of group coach?

Imagine you’re at the most eclectic, energizing dinner party you’ve ever attended. That’s group coaching, only instead of feasting on gourmet bites, you’re savoring a smorgasbord of ideas, support, and collective brilliance. Here’s why diving into a group coaching potluck, like CO2 Coaching’s Ascent Group Coaching Program, might just be the most sumptuous decision you’ll make for your leadership journey:

A Potluck of Perspectives

Imagine a tapestry woven from the threads of diverse experiences, backgrounds, and industries. Each thread adds a hue, a texture, a pattern that alone you might have missed. This is the buffet of insights you get with group coaching—far richer and more varied than dining solo.

Your Personal Cheerleading Squad

There’s something about knowing you’re not climbing alone that adds a spring to your step. In group coaching, every high-five, every nod, every “You’ve got this!” from your peers isn’t just noise; it’s the fuel that powers your ascent. It’s commitment with a side of camaraderie.

Learning in 3D

Watching your coaching companions tackle hurdles, pivot strategies, and navigate their paths offers a kaleidoscope of lessons you can pocket and pull out when you’re facing your own crossroads. It’s like getting a backstage pass to a series of live case studies.

Networking That Feels Like Friendship

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill networking handshakes. The connections you build here are forged in the fires of shared challenges and triumphs. They’re the kind of relationships that stick, offering you a web of support long after the final session.

Wallet-Friendly Wisdom

Group coaching is the savvy shopper’s route to rich insights and transformative experiences without the exclusive price tag of one-on-one coaching. It’s leadership development that leaves room in the budget for celebration dinners post-success.

A Motivation Mixer

The group dynamic adds an element of light-hearted competition and deep-rooted support that can turbocharge your drive and determination. It’s like having a band of motivational speakers, each with a unique voice, egging you on.

The Mirror Room

Feedback in a group setting can be like stepping into a room of mirrors, each reflecting a different facet of you. These reflections, offered with respect and care, can guide you to insights and self-awareness that are both grounding and transformative.

Scaling the Heights Together

For organizations aiming to elevate a cohort of leaders, group coaching is like finding an express elevator. It’s a way to weave leadership wisdom into the fabric of teams and departments, uplifting the collective capability.

Cultural Catalyst

When leaders from the same organization break bread (metaphorically speaking) at the group coaching table, they’re not just sharing insights; they’re kneading the dough of a new organizational culture—one that’s more collaborative, open, and forward-thinking.

The Personal Journey in a Shared Vehicle

While the coaching unfolds in a group, the journey is deeply personal. It’s a path paved with a diverse array of topics and experiences, ensuring that every leader can find their own areas for growth, reflection, and breakthrough.

In short, group coaching is where the magic of collective energy meets the power of individual transformation. It’s a space where growth, learning, and connections flourish, impacting not just the individuals in the room but rippling out to teams and organizations, infusing them with a new spirit of leadership and collaboration. It’s not just an investment in your development; it’s a feast for your leadership soul.

How do I find a good group coach?

Embarking on the quest for the perfect group coaching experience is akin to preparing for an exhilarating mountain climbing adventure. It requires a combination of introspective mapping and diligent exploration. Let’s gear up and chart a course to discover a group coaching journey that aligns with the unique contours of your aspirations:

Define Your Summit

First things first: pinpoint the peak you’re aiming to conquer. Are you scaling the heights to sharpen your leadership acumen, bridge crevasses within team dynamics, or navigate through the fog of a career transition? Identifying your summit will guide you to the base camps that best align with your ascent.

Scout for Renowned Expeditions

Dive into the alpine archives for expeditions heralded for their triumphant ascents. Pour over tales from fellow climbers—testimonials, expedition logs (case studies), and campfire reviews—to gauge the success rates of the coaching journeys. Programs like CO2 Coaching’s Ascent Group Coaching are akin to seasoned guides, known for leading climbers to breathtaking vistas of personal and professional growth.

Assess the Route Philosophy

Every mountain guide has their unique path to the summit. Taste the trail mix—does the program’s philosophy fuel your climb? Whether you’re drawn to the steady incline of systemic thinking, the challenging switchbacks of transformational coaching, or the scenic vistas of strength-based approaches, ensuring the path resonates with your climbing style is crucial.

Vet Your Guides

Who’s roped in with you? Search for guides who boast a rich tapestry of certifications and have weathered storms in leadership roles themselves. Their ability to navigate the terrain and translate the map of coaching concepts into the landscape of practical scenarios is paramount to a successful summit bid.

Survey the Climbing Party

The composition of your climbing party can make or break the journey. Aim for a diverse group of climbers—varied backgrounds, industries, and experiences enrich the expedition, providing panoramic views and insights on common challenges faced during the ascent.

Opt for a Flexible Itinerary

A well-charted course with room for detours ensures you cover essential terrain while remaining adaptable to the unpredictable weather of group needs and individual challenges. The Six Domains of Ascent™ in CO2 Coaching offers a comprehensive map while allowing for spontaneous side quests.

Consider the Expedition Length

Make sure the expedition’s timeline doesn’t clash with your other adventures. Group coaching is a commitment, akin to a long-haul climb. Familiarize yourself with the expedition’s duration, campsite meetings, and any acclimatization activities.

Seek Recommendations from Fellow Climbers

What do the seasoned mountaineers say? Tap into your alpine club for recommendations. A fellow climber’s recount of a transformative coaching ascent can lead you to undiscovered trails and hidden campsites.

Know Your Climbing Style

Do you thrive on solo ascents or find strength in a belay team? Group coaching, much like a communal summit push, thrives on shared experiences and collaborative problem-solving. If you revel in the camaraderie of a rope team, group coaching might just be the expedition you’ve been dreaming of.

Setting out on this group coaching expedition is an investment in your mountaineering gear, equipping you with the tools, techniques, and team dynamics needed to tackle not just the climb ahead but many more peaks in the future. Chart your course, prepare your gear, and let’s embark on a journey that elevates not just ourselves but those who climb alongside us. Let the ascent begin!

How can group coaching help?

Imagine group coaching as embarking on a mountain climbing expedition where, instead of solitary conquests, you’re part of a vibrant team of climbers. Each person is strapped with a backpack filled not with gear, but with rich insights, personal triumphs, and the kind of wisdom that isn’t just stumbled upon during a casual hike.

It’s a Trail Mix of Ideas

Gather around the campfire with adventurers from every corner of the professional wilderness. As stories and strategies are exchanged under the starlit sky, you’re not merely absorbing wisdom from a seasoned guide; you’re feasting on a smorgasbord of perspectives that challenge you to scale even greater heights and navigate through uncharted terrains.

Your Personal Mountain Guide

There’s a certain spark that ignites when climbing in a pack. Maybe it’s the shared energy or the collective resolve that whispers, “We’re in this together.” Suddenly, your personal ascent isn’t just your own; it’s a collective endeavor where every encouragement is a gust of wind beneath your wings, propelling you to venture higher and dig deeper into your reservoir of grit.

The Echo of Feedback

In the vastness of the mountain range, every shout, every piece of advice, echoes back with clarity. It’s a dance of give-and-take where the reflection isn’t just of your outward journey but of the soul’s terrain. It’s dramatic, yes, but in the drama lies the transformation.

Networking on the Ropes

Forget the conventional, awkward networking in stuffy conference rooms. Here, in the open expanse of group coaching, connections are forged on the ropes that bind you, tested by the elements. These are the companions who’ve witnessed your struggles and triumphs firsthand. It’s networking that’s as heartfelt as it is professional, possibly leading to future collaborations or even friendships that last a lifetime.

The Value Pack

Here’s where we talk brass tacks. Group coaching is like accessing an all-you-can-eat buffet of premium coaching goodness at the price of an appetizer. You get the full spread—the guidance, the support, the aha-moments—without the hefty price tag.

Leadership Skills, Amplified

Navigating through the dynamics of a group sharpens leadership skills like nothing else. It’s about finding your footing and your voice amidst a chorus of others, learning to lead not just from the front but from within. It’s leadership skills amplified, with every step up the mountain.

The Empathy Trek

Walking a mile in another’s hiking boots takes on new meaning in group coaching. You’re not merely a spectator; you’re an active participant in a journey of shared stories and shared struggles, which amplifies your empathy and self-awareness to new altitudes.

A Safety Net of Support

The path to personal and professional growth is littered with obstacles, but in group coaching, every slip, every triumph, is a shared experience. This collective journey crafts a net of support that’s ready to catch you when you falter and cheer you on when you leap.

The Ripple Across the Ranges

The true beauty of group coaching is in its expansive impact. As you transform, so does your immediate team, your organization, and perhaps even beyond. It’s a change that ripples across the professional landscape, creating waves of positive shifts in its wake.

The Transformation Base Camp

In the lore of climbers, there’s a saying about the power of the collective. In group coaching, it’s the shared experiences, the communal reflections, and discussions that solidify change, ensuring the transformation is as enduring as the mountains themselves.

In essence, group coaching is about showing up as your true, unfiltered self, embracing every exhilarating step of the climb, surrounded by a band of like-minded climbers all rooting for each other’s success. It’s about scaling not just the career ladder but expanding the vistas of your potential, together. And that, dear climbers, is an expedition worth embarking on.

Is group coaching worth it?

Let’s meander through that question with a little storytime, shall we?

Picture this: You’re standing at the base of a magnificent mountain, the peak of which is shrouded in a tantalizing mist. It’s breathtaking, it’s intimidating, and it’s beckoning you. Solo, this climb might seem insurmountable, a feat reserved for the rugged individualists of the world. But what if you weren’t alone? What if you had a band of fellow climbers by your side, each with their own stories, wisdom, and snacks (because, let’s face it, snacks are important)?

Here’s where group coaching swings open the gate to a garden of possibilities. It’s like deciding to climb that mountain not just with any group but with a cadre of individuals who, like you, are intent on reaching new heights, exploring new paths, and, yes, sharing their snacks.

The Shared Journey

In the realm of personal and professional development, the path we walk is often winding and steep. Group coaching plants signposts along that path, offering guidance, support, and the kind of camaraderie that lights up even the most shadowed trails. It’s the difference between trekking solo with a flashlight and marching forward with a team, each person holding a lantern. Suddenly, the way ahead isn’t so daunting.

The Echo Chamber (But the Good Kind)

Ever shouted into a canyon just to hear your echo? Group coaching offers a similar echo, but instead of your voice bouncing back, it’s your ideas, challenges, and victories. It’s a space where the echoes form a symphony of shared experiences, amplifying the learning in ways you might never have imagined solo.

The Cost-Benefit Tango

Let’s tango with the numbers for a moment. Group coaching often comes with a price tag that’s more a gentle tap on the wallet than a full-on plunder. When you weigh the wealth of insights, the depth of connections, and the breadth of learning against the cost, the scales tip decidedly in favor of “worth it.”

The Growth Greenhouse

Imagine each group coaching session as a greenhouse. Inside, your personal growth isn’t just sprouting; it’s flourishing, fed by the sunlight of collective wisdom and watered by the insights of your peers. This greenhouse effect accelerates growth, turning buds of potential into full-blown blooms of achievement.

The Networking Nectar

In the garden of group coaching, networking is the nectar that attracts the bees. It’s where professional connections are pollinated, not in the sterile corridors of industry events but in the fertile fields of mutual growth and shared aspirations.

The Ripple Effect

Drop a pebble into a pond, and the ripples reach far beyond the initial splash. Group coaching is that pebble, and the transformation it sparks in you ripples out to touch your team, your organization, and even your broader network. It’s change that cascades, creating waves of impact that extend well beyond the coaching sessions themselves.

So, is group coaching worth it? If you’re yearning for a journey that’s about scaling new heights, discovering paths less traveled, and doing so with a band of fellow explorers eager to share their maps and, importantly, their snacks—then yes, group coaching is not just worth it; it’s a treasure trove of growth, connection, and adventure. And that, dear climbers, is priceless.

Can group coaching be done remotely?

Absolutely. Our coaches work with you just as effectively remotely as they would in person, so that your coaching schedule always fits into the rest of your schedule.

What kind of support is provided outside of my group coaching sessions?

CO2 Coaching offers online training that aligns with your in-person sessions, so you can log into our portal and dig deeper whenever you have the time.

What sets CO2's group coaching apart from other coaching services?

CO2’s group coaching embodies a journey towards elevation, uniquely blending personal and systemic transformation. Unlike conventional coaching, our approach, grounded in the Ascent Training Model, fosters an environment where leaders not only reach their next peak but also elevate their teams and organizations in the process. This systemic impact ensures that growth is not isolated but cascades, embodying our belief that leadership is about elevating others as much as oneself.

How does group coaching facilitate personal and professional development?

Our group coaching is akin to a collective ascent. It’s designed to expand your horizon, pushing you to explore new perspectives, embrace change, and unlock your full potential. Through shared experiences and reflections, leaders learn not just to navigate their own challenges but also to inspire and guide their teams towards systemic transformation, embodying the ethos of continuous growth and development.

How does CO2 ensure the relevance of the group coaching experience?

Our coaching methodology is deeply personalized, recognizing that each leader’s journey is unique. Through initial assessments and ongoing engagements, we tailor the coaching experience to meet the specific needs, challenges, and aspirations of each participant. This bespoke approach ensures that every leader finds value, relevance, and meaning in their journey towards elevation.

What's the typical duration and structure of the group coaching program?

The expedition is neither a sprint nor a marathon—it’s a meticulously planned ascent. Spanning one day a month for a year. The program is structured to allow deep dives into leadership and organizational transformation. Each session is designed to maximize learning, engagement, and reflection, providing a balanced rhythm between climbing and contemplating, ensuring that leaders are equipped for both the immediate and the long-term journey ahead.

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