Creating a Personal Marketing Plan (Part 8)

July 10, 2012

Personal marketing planCreating a Personal Marketing Plan

A personal marketing plan isn’t a bio or a résumé, though it draws from the same well. A personal marketing plan demonstrates how your unique skills and talents would be ideal for a specific position (or two) in a particular organization/market.  A personal marketing plan should contain the following:

            • Position objective
            • Inventory of your key skills & strengths (that will allow you to excel at this position)
            • Personal marketing statement (summary of your qualifications–the “elevator speech”)
            • Market preferences (industries, geographic locations, travel expectations, size of company)
            • List of target companies (including names of your contacts there)

A personal marketing plan should be concise (1 or 2 pages at most). Bring it to informational interviews to demonstrate both your goals and preparedness.

For information on how to create a more in-depth personal marketing plan, check out Deborah Lawton’s piece for McGraw-Hill called “Marketing YOU, INC.–Preparing a Personal Marketing Plan.” You may find it easier to start with this longer, more in-depth form before creating a shorter, more concise plan to pass out to prospective employers or industry insiders.

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