How CO2 guides
Private Equity Portco’s
Leadership Teams


CO2 Coaches work with PE Portfolio Companies that are facing challenges with growth, plateauing, or navigating a downturn.

We work with leadership teams to build capacity through assessment, coaching, team development, and strategic planning. 

We use open questions and proven mental models to elevate the mindset of individuals and teams. The result is superior business perfomance and better relationships with the CEOs of PE firm partners. 

Because we understand the terrain like no one else. With over 300 businesses and thousands of leaders transformed under our guidance, we bring not just expertise, but real-world wisdom to the table. We’re not just coaches; we’re catalysts for change, helping your leaders and their teams evolve and thrive.

At CO2 Coaching, we’re here to light the path forward. Our specialty? Tailored Executive Coaching exclusively designed for Private Equity Portfolios. Why us?

Executive Business coaches for unchartered territories

CO2 Coaching is a bridge between Private Equity Firms and Portfolio Companies. We look after the interests of PE Firms while working with leaders of Portfolio Companies Executive Coaching to solve problems, be creative, seek opportunities, and create new value.

Private Equity’s Portfolio Companies common  Challenges & Anticipated Outcomes

Leadership Development & Executive Presence

Cultivating the strategic vision, influence, and leadership skills necessary to guide the Portco towards success.

Anticipated Outcomes With Intervention:

  • Elevated leadership capabilities.
  • Stronger stakeholder confidence and engagement.
  • Enhanced organizational vision and alignment.

Strategic Clarity, Execution, & Alignment

Ensuring the Portco’s strategies are clear, actionable, and aligned across the organization to drive rapid value creation.

Anticipated Outcomes With Intervention:

  • Accelerated strategy implementation.
  • Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Enhanced alignment between strategy and execution.

Scaling Challenges & Innovation

Managing the complexities associated with rapid growth and maintaining a competitive edge through innovation.

Anticipated Outcomes With Intervention:

  • Sustainable growth and market expansion. 
  • Strengthened innovation and competitive positioning. 
  • Optimized operational efficiencies.

Effective Communication & Feedback Management

Facilitating clear and transparent communication and a culture of constructive feedback throughout the Portco.

Anticipated Outcomes with Interventions:

  • Improved alignment and engagement across all levels. 
  • Stronger culture of transparency and continuous improvement.
  • Enhanced adaptability to changes.

Emotional Intelligence & Building Trust

Developing emotional intelligence and trust-building skills to support effective leadership and team cohesion.

Anticipated Outcomes with Interventions:

  • Deeper team connections and trust.
  • Minimized resistance to change.
  • Enhanced leadership effectiveness.

Decision-Making Paralysis & Accountability

Overcoming indecision and fostering a culture of accountability to ensure swift, effective decision-making.

Anticipated Outcomes from Team Coaching:

  • Enhanced decision-making speed and quality.
  • Stronger culture of accountability and responsibility. 
  • Improved agility and responsiveness to market changes.

Succession Planning & Cultural Transformation

Planning for future leadership needs and transforming the Portco’s culture to align with strategic goals.

Anticipated Outcomes with Interventions:

  • Ensured leadership continuity and stability.
  • Aligned organizational culture with strategic objectives.
  • Enhanced adaptability and resilience.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Integrating sustainable practices and social responsibility into the Portco’s strategy to align with stakeholder expectations and drive long-term value.

Anticipated Outcomes with Interventions:

  • Improved brand reputation and stakeholder trust. 
  • Mitigated risks and aligned with societal values.
  • Driven long-term sustainable value.

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At CO2 Coaching, we work with businesses leaders to transform themselves, their teams, and their business—and support them every step of the way.

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The proof is in the data

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Feel their CO2 coach looks out for their interests

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Trust their CO2 coach

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Define their CO2 Coaching experience as transformational

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Say CO2 helped them achieve their goals

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Extremely likely to refer CO2 Coaching to a friend or colleague

  • Feel their CO2 coach looks out for their interests 100% 100%
  • Trust their CO2 coach 100% 100%
  • Define their CO2 Coaching experience as transformational 94% 94%
  • Say CO2 helped them achieve their goals 82% 82%
  • Extremely likely to refer CO2 Coaching to a friend or colleague 70% 70%

CO2 helped me successfully navigate a generational transition to become the CEO of the family business and consolidate ownership from my siblings. Best of all, we have a great relationship now.”

– Josh Stahl | President, Reviva

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