10 Steps to Make Changes Stick

March 23, 2012

Make changes stickMany leaders want to change self-defeating behaviors and beliefs, but desire isn’t enough. Here are 10 ways to make changes stick:

1) Hire a coach or consult a mentor to help you locate and define the change you wish to make;

2) Brainstorm potential barriers;

3) Plan counter-moves for each potential barrier;

4) Break the steps down in doable, incremental parts;

5) Draft a contract. Write down what you will change, how, and why;

6) Create a reward system that incents you to change;

7) Create a negative incentive that will force you to follow through;

8) Include your team on the change you want to make and ask them to hold you to it;

9) Put the change in your path (Don’t avoid it!);

10) Schedule check-ins with your coach or mentor to reflect on the progress you’ve made.

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