Top 10 Questions To Building Courage

January 4, 2010

In our interview earlier this week with Bill Treasurer he offered these top 10 questions to building courage in organizations:

1. What do we want to become as a business?
2. How can courage be applied to help us get to where we want to be?
3. Where are we playing it too safe, as a business?
4. Where is courage most needed, but often avoided, in our business?
5. Why do people avoid being courageous even though it is needed here?
6. What courageous actions from the past are we most proud of?
7. Where in the past did we fail to act courageously?
8. What are our “pink elephants” – politically sensitive, don’t-go-there areas that need to be acknowledged and addressed?
9. What would it take for people to be more willing to take risks, make smart mistakes, and be more courageous?
10. Once everyone starts behaving more courageously, what do we hope will be different?

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