Embracing Emotional Intelligence: The Art of Leading as a Feeling Being Who Thinks

December 15, 2023
Learning about Feeling Beings that Think at work is all about Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Understanding Emotional Depth in Leadership

In the realm of effective leadership, the emphasis often lies on strategic thinking and decision-making prowess. However, a truly transformative leader recognizes that they are, foremost, feeling beings that think. This subtle yet profound shift in perspective emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. It’s not just about making logical decisions; it’s about understanding and managing emotions – both your own and those of your team.

The Role of Empathy and Self-awareness

The cornerstone of being a feeling being who thinks lies in empathy and self-awareness. A study published in the Harvard Business Review highlighted the direct correlation between empathetic leadership and team performance. Leaders who show genuine concern for team members’ well-being foster a more productive and positive work environment. This empathy begins with self-awareness. Understanding your own emotions and triggers allows you to better navigate complex interpersonal dynamics within your team.

Emotional Intelligence: A Key to Effective Decision Making

Decision-making, often viewed as a purely rational process, is profoundly influenced by emotions, feeling beings that think. Research from the field of neuroscience has shown that emotions play a critical role in decision-making processes. Leaders who acknowledge and understand their emotions can make more balanced and effective decisions, benefiting both their teams and organizations.

Building Trust and Authenticity

Trust is the bedrock of effective leadership, and it’s built through authenticity. Leaders who are in touch with their emotions and openly communicate them establish a culture of trust. This authenticity encourages team members to be open about their feelings and challenges, creating a supportive environment conducive to growth and innovation.

The Power of Emotional Resonance

Leaders who are feeling beings that think resonate with their team on a deeper level. This resonance is crucial for inspiring and motivating a team. A leader who shows emotional depth and understanding can connect with their team in ways that go beyond mere transactional interactions. This connection fosters loyalty, commitment, and a shared sense of purpose.

Integrating Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Training

The integration of emotional intelligence into leadership training is essential. Executive coaching programs often focus on developing emotional intelligence skills, helping leaders to become more self-aware, empathetic, and effective in their roles. These programs demonstrate the tangible benefits of leading as a feeling being who thinks, aligning with the principles of modern leadership and executive coaching.

A Real-World Case Study

A notable example is a global tech company that implemented an emotional intelligence program for its management team. The results were remarkable: a 20% increase in employee satisfaction and a significant improvement in team collaboration and communication. This case study, detailed in a Forbes article, underscores the transformative power of leaders who embrace their role as feeling beings that think. The work of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is the one I learned this notion from and her books and models are something you may want to check-out!

The Future of Leadership is about Understanding We Are Feeling Beings That Think

The future of leadership lies in embracing the full spectrum of human experience – thinking and feeling. Leaders who recognize themselves as feeling beings that think will lead more effectively, empathetically, and authentically. These leaders not only achieve greater professional success but also contribute to a more emotionally intelligent and connected world.

As executive coaches, we support leaders in this journey, helping them harness their emotional intelligence to become more effective and resonant leaders. For those interested in exploring how executive coaching can enhance your leadership skills, we invite you to reach out to CO2 Coaching for a personalized session.

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