Leadership Tip: Execeptional Leaders Start with Why, not What or How

May 9, 2010

Simon Sinek is a leadership consultant who recently wrote the book Start With Why, and  delivered a presentation at TED on this concept he has researched.  The premise is based on the idea he calls the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle looks like this:

start with why

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

Simon Sinek gives examples of action oriented leadership in his presentation such as Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, and the Write Brothers. He makes a great mental model for leaders and organizations to consider when thinking about both their strategic planning and the delivery of communications. Many company’s start with the What, then discuss the How and finally determine the Why. He has discovered through his research that the great leaders always start with Why! They want to be clear about the why and allow others to join them because they share the same belief,  rather than joining on because of What we make or How we make it.

Please watch the video of Simon Sinek speaking at TED. It will be worth your time and then please leave comments about how did this change your mental model as a leader or follower.

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