50 Lessons on Leading

September 29, 2010


50 lessons on leading

Steve Boehlke speaks at eat the book leadership series in Minneapolis. (Gary Cohen on right)

Steve Boehlke presented his views on leadership yesterday at CO2 Partners, eat the book Leadership Series. Steve was welcomed by a packed room of leaders interested in what he has learned in his 23 year journey of working with some of the top leaders in the country. Steve’s practice focuses on the largest Research and Development organizations in the world. He helps very technically gifted people look at the ontology of leadership in a very organic way. He helps lift these teams that deliver us innovation in food, medicine and technology reach new levels by building their leadership capacity. In his recent book 50 Lessons on Leading for those with little time for reading is a great book. It is a collection of thought provoking and creatively illustrated concepts that stick with you after you have both read and seen them illustrated. Steve is a great story teller and well worth hearing if you have a chance. What I love is that he is not his book – what he delivered to us was personal, engaging and different from what he writes about. Pick up his book you will enjoy it, I know I did!

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