5 Best Questions For Leaders To Build Resilience Against Blind Spots

June 6, 2010

By Madeleine Van Hecke

1. “Did my mind just slam shut to an idea?” If my mind feels closed, can I at least leave it ajar?
2. “Did I just think ‘I’m absolutely sure of that!’?” The more certain I am, the more I need to question my certainty.
3. “Am I feeling pressured?” When I am most rushed, that’s when I most need to slow down and think – to take a few minutes, an hour, a day to mull the problem over.
4. “Am I thinking ‘how stupid!’”? If I truly don’t understand why some is acting that way, maybe I have a blind spot.
5. “Am I just human?” Of course I am! So reminding myself of this when I’m beating myself over the head for a mistake I’ve made helps me to accept my own blind spots as part of the human condition – and then go on to learn from them.

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