13 Guideposts To A Results Oriented Work Environment

January 26, 2010

Cali & Jody Interview for blog (Previous Interview Post)

Gary Cohen: How do you get around the issue of leaders and the myth of control that is so prevalent in our culture? What breaks down the power and control in organizations so they can move to a ROWE?

Cali & Jody: The 13 Guideposts. These are 13 statements that everyone in a team/organization work toward making true in a ROWE. They systematically cut through the hierarchy and political muck that exists in organizations today. They force everyone to examine the beliefs they have about how work needs to happen, and flips them upside down. The 13 Guideposts are:

1) People at all levels stop doing any activity that is a waste of their time, the customer’s time, or the company’s money.
2) Employees have the freedom to work any way they want.
3) Every day feels like Saturday.
4) Work isn’t a place you go, it’s something you do.
5) People have an unlimited amount of paid time off as long as the work gets done.
6) Leaving the workplace at 2pm is not considered leaving early; arriving at the workplace at 2pm is not considered coming in late.
7) Nobody talks about how many hours they work.
8) Every meeting is optional.
9) It’s okay to catch a movie on a Tuesday afternoon; it’s okay to grocery shop on a Wednesday morning; it’s okay to take a nap on a Thursday afternoon.
10) There are no work schedules.
11) Nobody feels overworked, guilty, or stressed out.
12) There aren’t any last-minute fire drills.
13) There’s no judgment about how you spend your time.

What are the pain points an organization will be feeling to know this is something that they want to take on in their business?

An organization might not be feeling any pain points at all before exploring ROWE. They might be at the top of their game or #1 in their industry with low turnover, high engagement, etc. Their intent is to remain in that place and they want to lay the foundation to do that in the 21st century – and they do it with the ROWE mindset.
Some organizations are feeling pain points. They might be experiencing high voluntary turnover, low morale, decreased customer satisfaction, or stagnant productivity levels.

Have you seen businesses that have bought the book and started implementation without you being involved in the change? What are some of the success stories?

There are many businesses that have read Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It that have instituted the ROWE mindset without the assistance of CultureRx. This is testament to the social aspect of this change. A couple great success stories:

1) The Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council. Their CEO, Jessica Lawrence, read the book and made moves (quickly!) to implement ROWE. You can read about their success here: (click).

2) Matchstic. More about their journey here: (click).


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