Your Place in the World of Things

August 14, 2010

I was speaking with a dear friend this morning and we were discussing how important it is to recycle. Not from a pedestrian view, although that is important too. We all need to think through the system of where stuff comes from in our economy and where it ends up. Often times where it ends up does not seem to matter that much to us, because it may be on another continent. What is equally amazing is where much of the stuff is made too (so if their is pollution or a stretch in ethics of how something is made we might be able to turn a blind eye)! If you are in the business of making or selling things. Think through the cycle and how you can play in both the selling and disposing of stuff to make it easier for your customer. Think of it as an opportunity and even profitable to be conscious of your place in the world of things.

A couple places to check out the idea of recycling of stuff:

Asset Recovery Corporation will take your computer equipment and get it to be reused or disposed of in a planet healthy way. Read about what Starbucks is doing to recycle their coffee grounds, paper cups and other waste by product. Milton Freedman was wrong!  It is not all about profit maximization when the spaceship “earth” that you live on is decaying from unrealized costs that are the by-product of our consumerism, namely pollution.  What is one thing your organization could do in you’re place in the world of things?

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