Your CARs Can Get You Hired

December 10, 2011

What was your Challenge, Action, and Results?

Getting hired can be difficult,  even for talented leaders–not because they’re not the right for particular jobs, but because they don’t know how to tell their stories. Chris Cohen, a partner at the Chandler Group and one of the top three executive recruiters in Minneapolis working with non-profits, instructs job candidates to know their CARs (Challenges, Actions, and Results).

CARs will help you tell your story in the form employers want to hear–the challenges you’ve faced, the actions you took to overcome these challenges, and the results you secured for your organization. Brainstorm as many CARs as you can, then write down the best ones. Commit them to memory and work them into your resume and cover letters. Have them in your proverbial pocket so that you can respond thoughtfully in interviews, and share your best CARs with recruiters so that they can retell them to their clients.

If you want your CARs to get off the lot and get you hired, practice and perfect your stories. Great stories stick.

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