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The higher you climb, the more you need an informed outside perspective. Our coaches help clients grow their business, expand margins, enter new markets, reduce costs, focus teams, and transition into leadership roles.

Unlock your potential

The stakes are high, and the challenges are unique at the pinnacle of leadership. Dedicated coaches are strategic confidants. They understand complexities and nuances, providing tailored insights and actionable strategies. By challenging your perspectives and pushing boundaries,  effective doers become excellent leaders.

Whether by design or default, the mindset of leaders cascades. When leaders inspire and engage their teams, those teams go on to do the same. We help leaders expand the change they want to see in their teams, organizations, and the wider world.

Benefits of CO2 Coaching


Support to help you reach your summit, from growing your business, entering a new market and beyond


Problem-solve through emergence versus simplicity


Create transformation that’s both personal and systemic


Move from being an effective doer to an excellent leader


Align teams around shared purpose and values

Case studies

CO2 helped me successfully navigate a generational transition to become the CEO of the family business and consolidate ownership from my siblings. Best of all, we have a great relationship now.

– Josh Stahl | President, Reviva

Each time my coach and I speak, I feel like I’m talking with a wise, present, and courageous friend—one who listens so carefully, connects dots to past sessions, and always asks the hard questions in a context that welcomes me to explore the hard answers.”

– Kate Williams, CEO | 1% for the Planet

There’s an old expression: Those who can’t do, teach. My partner and I encountered a lot of coaches like that, but that’s not the case at CO2. We wanted someone who had experience scaling a business and had also been in a partnership. It was a tall order, but Gary was a great fit.”

– John Folkestad | Co-Founder, Salo LLC

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