Today’s Challenges

CO2 Coaching doesn’t just “get” today’s leading business challenges, our executive coaches have deep experience navigating them.

Leadership: Accountability, Responsibility, and Transitions

Leading a business demands a lot from you. It’s not only about your strategic chops, it’s about taking responsibility for other people. Our coaches hone the pillars that make you the best leader you can be—from fostering a successful culture, to leading with transparency, to navigating leadership transitions and succession plans.

Scale: growth, plateaus, and downsizing

We help you align the way you run your business with the size of your business—even as it grows and changes. Our coaches understand the cultural, systems-level, and financial implications of managing growth, plateaus, and downsizing and are ready to guide you confidently through whatever stage you’re in.

The partner relationship: navigating perspectives and priorities

Business is about people, and we understand both the importance and the potential challenges of leading as part of a partnership. We help you work through interpersonal barriers to success and take an empathetic eye to your colleague’s perspectives so that you can reach your next peak together.

Challenge of the moment: The new workplace

The moving pieces that you juggle as a leader make it tough to stay on top of rapidly shifting trends. But there’s no question that the workplace is changing. Today’s complex landscape demands a lot from leaders, who must navigate an unpredictable job market, hybrid work environments, and key differences between generations in the workforce. We’re here to help you tackle those challenges.