Winning in the Market Place – Do you have what it takes?

August 2, 2010
winning in the market place


When you consider who is on your team, you no longer have the luxury to be sentimental. Think about it this way: if you have a person on your team that has been on your team for a year and you know they are not progressing at the pace of others on the team, can you really afford to keep them? If you were the coach for a football team that had a shot for the Superbowl, would you keep the player that would prevent you from winning on the team? Most of my clients tell me no and then take action. What would you say? There is little difference to winning in the marketplace where the competition is waiting to find some weakness on your team to exploit. Average is not good enough for me – how about for you?

Ed Flaherty founded Applebees, Rapid Oil and authored Coached For Life, to name a few of his achievements. He talks about when he was young and worked in the consulting field on the east coast. He said, “the managing partner would replace one of the forty consultants every quarter.” When asked if he liked working in that environment he said, “he loved it.” He said it fit his personality of being an achiever. It kept him on a winning edge so that he would never let up and would keep growing, learning and progressing. Everyone on the team was at their best all of the time.

What type of culture do you have? Is it one that promotes winners?

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