Winning a life conflict only steps up the game!

April 24, 2010

When you’re working to overcome a long, hard conflict or challenge, what do you see on the horizon? Is it a new challenge OR a drink on a lounge chair at the beach? While that drink and vacation may be earned and appreciated, it likely won’t last, nor should it.

Old conflicts or challenges are replaced by new ones–some that we choose, others that we don’t. If you don’t choose one, you will likely embark on a path similar to the one you’ve just completed. For others, who’ve already made financial and/or career advancement goals, they may feel ready to choose a different kind of conflict or challenge.

Career challenges are fairly well-defined; world-saving and search-for-meaning challenges are harder to define. But when they work, they’re inspirational. A wonderful example of this is Bill Gate’s shift from focusing on software and building an empire to focusing on the health and education of the world.

What conflict or challenge are you chasing? What effort are you putting against it? When you succeed, what larger conflict or challenge will attract you?

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