What is in a name?

May 2, 2010
In the mountains of Steamboat, Colorado is a world-class restaurant called Cafe Diva. Not only can one learn about delivering world-class service with divine dishes, you can actually learn what is in a name. If you go to Cafe Diva, you may be lucky enough to be waited on by Daryl. Or if you are like us you will ask for him by name. How you would know his name is that he will repeat it many times during your meal. After each time he helps you he ends the statement or question with, “and my name is Daryl.” At first, our family thought it was too much and then we realized he is one of a few waiters we know by name and he is so good you really are glad he reminds you unabashed. Are your people good at building their personal brand with your customers? Do your customers remember your teams names?

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