What can you do in the next hour?

June 10, 2011

What can you do in the next hourYou can call back those 10 people you have been procrastinating calling. You could finish writing the report you were going to finish last week. You could have that uncomfortable conversation with that employee, vendor, or client that you have been putting off. You could have that meeting that you have promised having. You could think about those issues that would provide you greater leverage or clarity. Perhaps you could take the time to learn the software you use everyday inefficiently by viewing the YouTube videos.

Every day we are given 24 hours and each one has the ability to change our lives forever. How many of them do you let pass by? What if instead of looking at productivity as a big issue, you looked at it as a smaller one? What if you you gave yourself permission to use one hour each day to handle one big issue that really would move your life a quantum leap forward? How might your life change?

What can you do in the next hour?

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