Video Conferencing HD Quality to your PC or MAC on public Internet

June 28, 2010

Video conferencing up to now has been what we refer to as an Ivory Tower application. Expensive room systems have been deployed in deluxe conference rooms. These room systems have been somewhat complex to operate and typically require expensive dedicated networks or quality of service enhanced bandwidth. Often, it was not convenient or even possible for some participants to get to the video equipped meeting room. The idea of bringing suppliers, business partners or even customers into the video conference was rarely considered since it was not realistically feasible.

Alternatively there has been a very widespread solution for the consumer such as Skype, or the corporate solutions like WebEx, GoToMeeting, or ConnectNow. These are all fine and yet they do not provide the quality that is needed when having high level discussion with attorneys, business consultants, high end customers, or board meetings. The way this product optimizes is a sensation. It really is good enough not to have to hop on the plane or get in your car. You have to give it a demo. I am not incented to promote this only helping a old vendor of mine who harvested his last company and is starting this one.

Now people may participate in video conferencing by Soltrite meetings from the place that is most convenient for them. Sometimes that is the company meeting room but often times it is at their desk, home office, hotel room, or even a coffee shop! Check it out at Soltrite ask for Scott Colesworthy to give you a demo.

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