Venture for America

April 9, 2012

Today I was catching up with a dear friend, Bernie Sucher,  who lives in Russia. He shared with me an amazing program modeled after Teach for America. It is called Venture for America. It was founded by Andrew Yang who is the current president of the organization. Take a look and see if your organization or one you may know could be a partner for this exciting organization that wants to give opportunities to future entrepreneurs.

Enterprising college graduates crave hands-on business experience to learn how to develop a business and create value. At the same time, many promising businesses struggle to identify, recruit, and enlist talented college graduates, in large part because they lack the resources and scale to engage in on-campus recruiting.
Venture for America will recruit the best and brightest college grads to work for two years at emerging start-ups and early-stage companies in lower-cost cities (e.g., Detroit, Providence, New Orleans). Modeled after Teach for America, Venture for America will provide a path for entrepreneurship to college grads who want to learn how to build companies and create jobs.
  • To revitalize American cities and communities through entrepreneurship.
  • To enable our best and brightest to create new opportunities for themselves and others.
  • To restore the culture of achievement to include value creation, risk and reward, and the common good.

The vision is that a substantial proportion of the VFA Fellows will become successful entrepreneurs, preferably rooted in the communities to which they’re assigned. Venture for America’s purpose is job generation – our goal is to generate 100,000 U.S. jobs by 2025.

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