Turning Down Your Contrast

January 29, 2012

Turn Down Your Contrast

The more you lead, the more you may be accustomed to hearing and believing your own voice. And the more you may tune out other voices. Successful leaders, in particular, have the propensity to believe in themselves and their opinions to a great and perhaps dangerous degree. They turn the contrast dial up and up–toward their opinions and away from others’.

It’s helpful to remember the big picture. As a leader, you feel the importance of your role when you’re alone in your office. But you’re not alone. You likely live in a state with millions of people, a country of hundreds of millions, a world of 7 billion, and a universe of untold lifeforms and matter.

You may be more right and successful than most, but chances are you’re not the most right or intelligent. Even if you were, you could likely benefit from the input of others.

Don’t let your success or leadership stop you from learning from others. How might you lower the contrast, hear others, and see the big picture differently?

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