Top 11 Questions to Ask to find Resolution to Conflict

January 17, 2010

resolution(Previous Blog Post w/ Stewart Levine)
Part II Interview with Stewart Levine, author of Getting to Resolution

Gary Cohen: What are the Top 10 Questions you ask–or suggest to your clients to ask–when needing to find resolution to conflict?

Stewart Levine:

  1. What is it, and briefly what’s your “story” about it? (how do you talk to yourself about the conflict?)
  2. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being slightly agitated, 5 being gripped by emotion) how do you feel about the other people involved and engaging in the dialogue? Are you ready to engage in effective collaborative negotiation? What will enable you to do that?
  3. Can you treat the resolution process as an opportunity to listen and learn?
  4. Can you participate with open mind and open heart?
  5. Can you accept that with trust, good faith, and creativity everyone can win and get what they need?
  6. What aspects of the resolution process are you unsure of?
  7. Do you need a third party facilitator? Why?
  8. Are you willing to have compassion and stand in the shoes of others involved?
  9. Are you fully aware of what the conflict is costing you?
  10. Are you ready to let go, forgive and make an agreement for the future?
  11. What other support will empower you to engage authentically?


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