The Top 10 Habits for Success in 2018

January 9, 2018

Leaping into the new year

We are all a result of our habits. This is most apparent in the world of business. Our habits in the workplace dictate our productivity, employee relations, and ultimately our business success.


Everyone goes into the new year with a vision of improvements they want to make to their life. Unfortunately, a few months into the year, most of us have completely abandoned these goals. The ability to stick to your goals makes all the difference, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 habits for success in 2018.


  1. Develop a morning routine you can consistently stick to


The tone for your entire day is set in the morning. Once you get to work, the rest of your day becomes busy and chaotic. So, if you want to make real progress on your goals, it’s important to effectively use those early morning hours. Whether it’s doing some writing, exercise, meditation, or even something as simple as making yourself a good breakfast, having a consistent morning routine is the key to having consistently successful days.


If you find yourself having trouble waking up earlier in the morning, try not to make the entire plunge at once. Wake up a few minutes earlier each week so that your body becomes accustomed to the change. This will give your body a better chance of adjusting to this lifestyle, therefore better positioning you for success.


  1. Emulate the success of those around you


There is no shortage of things that we can learn from others. Look at the people that you admire (both in your industry and life). What do they have in common? What drives them? If possible, contact them to see if you can learn firsthand what it is that makes them tick. If not, try to emulate it from afar. The key word in this lesson is “emulate.” Trying to directly copy someone’s methods for success will not lead you to anything groundbreaking. Take what they do well, figure out why it works for them, and then modify it to something that works for you. If being a great leader is something that appeals to you, read our blog post, “What Great Leaders Have in Common” to learn more about what you can do.


  1. Network every single day


Most people have a wallet or purse full of business cards, but how often do you actually hand them out? The majority of us are not doing nearly enough networking. Sites like LinkedIn have made networking easier, but there is no real substitute for face to face networking. Try to find an opportunity every day to make a connection with someone that you wouldn’t usually talk to. Not only will this deepen your professional network, but it will also help you to develop your people skills. This wide net of contacts will be beneficial when you end up needing help from someone.


  1. Reflect after every day


How often are you taking the time to really stop and reflect on what you’re doing? Setting aside a few minutes at the end of every day to reflect on the day and what you accomplished goes a long way towards putting you in the right perspective. Think about your goals, both long and short term. Did you do something today that was a step towards accomplishing those goals? Find the time to unplug from whatever you’re doing and really think about the bigger picture.


  1. Manage your time


If there’s one thing that everyone has in common, it’s the fact that we all have an equal amount of time in the day. Have you analyzed how you’re spending your time? Effective time management makes all the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one. Take the time to really look at how you’re spending your day. Is it possible that too much of it is spent on social media or in front of a television? Cut out time-wasting habits and replace them with productive, goal-progressing ones. You should see the effects almost immediately.


  1. Develop a budget


This is important in both the business and your personal world. A strict budget is the most crucial aspect to financial success. Everyone strays from their budget now and then, especially when some new “can’t miss” product or service tempts us. Learning self control in the face of temptation is one of the best skills that a business or individual can learn. Categorize all of your expenses and give yourself a set amount that you are allowed to spend each month. This will lead to a lot less headaches at the end of the month and make you more comfortable when looking at your bank statements.


  1. Live with a positive mindset


Having a consistently positive mindset can change your entire life. The energy that you put out into the world is the same energy that the world will give back to you. An optimistic mindset will make you happier and more magnetic. This will change the dynamic of both your personal and professional relationships. People don’t want to work with someone who is constantly negative. Switching your mindset is the biggest thing you can do to live a happier, more fulfilling life.


A lot of people find this habit the hardest to develop. When you find yourself feeling negative or pessimistic about a situation, try thinking about everything that’s going right for you. There’s a good chance you’ll find that the positives far outweigh the negatives.


  1. Be proactive, not reactive


Everybody faces a workplace crisis at some point in their career. No job exists that doesn’t have moments of intense pressure or cleaning up after a large mess. Some of these disasters aren’t preventable, but a lot of them are. In order to limit these events, learn how to become proactive rather than reactive. Any time a mistake or crisis happens, after it’s been dealt with, take the time to talk with team members and think about what can be done to prevent something like it happening again. Doing this will prevent future headaches, stress, and make your team’s processes more efficient and effective.


  1. Ask more questions


All of us could do with asking more questions — if we don’t ask questions, how will we ever learn? When you ask questions, do it with the intent of learning. Really listen to the response and absorb the information. Ask follow up questions. Take the time to figure out not only what needs to be done, but why. Once you learn the “why,” you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and strategies for improvement.


  1. Make what you love what you do


We all spend a large portion of our time working. You are doing yourself a disservice if you are spending all that time unhappy or dissatisfied. While many of your hobbies may be unrealistic to earn a living off of, there are always ways to bring elements of what you love into what you do. Take some initiative and do some research to figure out how you could be doing something you love. Then, take small steps towards this goal every day.


The new year represents a clean slate for a lot of people. If you can pick up these 10 successful habits for 2018, you can make a difference in the way you live your life. If you want to become a better executive, entrepreneur, or employee this year, take a look at our coaching services. CO2 is here to help you become the best version of yourself possible. Start the process to a better you today!

By: Gary Cohen

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