The Lesson of the Screaming Shrimp

November 6, 2011

Screaming shrimpMany years ago, Dana Olson and I went to a very elegant Chinese restaurant in New York. It was an intimate space with a clear view of the kitchen. We could see the shrimp we’d ordered being tossed into the wok. The shrimp must have been alive because they screamed, or so it sounded, as they were cooked on high heat. The screaming shrimp sounded like a dulled version of a rabbit shrieking when clawed by an owl. It was not, in other words, a particularly appetizing experience.

What are you showing your customers that might be unappetizing?

It’s hard to see your product or service through an objective lens. If you want an objective look at your customer experience, you need another set of eyes, ears, and hands. Another nose doesn’t hurt either. Have an outside expert evaluate your customer experience.

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