Survey: Although Popular, Definition of Leadership Development Eludes Managers

June 27, 2009

Leadership development tops the list of what training managers, coaching managers and executives say they prefer, according to a survey by CO2 Partners, an executive coaching and leadership development firm based in Minnesota.

The actual definition of leadership development, however, isn’t quite as popular. Gary Cohen, CO2 Partners president, says many people do not fully understand what leadership development coaching is or what it entails.

“Leadership is a captivating objective for most executives and managers,” he said. “So individuals feel obligated to choose leadership development, even if they have no clear sense of what it’s all about. Despite this lack of awareness, leadership ranks first on any survey of coaching needs.”

Cohen said, though, that leadership coaching is not well-defined and that it makes sense many people do not fully comprehend exactly what it is. (Full Article Chief Training Officer)

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