Stuck as a Leader

October 15, 2010
stuck as a leader

Are You Stuck?

Guaranteed, eventually you will be stuck as a leader. There will be a point in your career when all of a sudden the upward moon shot stops. At first you blame it on the company, then it may turn to blaming it on your people, and finally it seeps in ever so slowly that it may be you.

You may think that there is nothing you can do about it because you have tried everything you know to get your careers moving again. The harder you pull your tongue away from the pole the greater the pain. It is only when someone comes from outside the system – your teacher or play ground supervisor, that the true remedy comes. When you are trapped in your own way it will not be what is usual or common that sets you free, it is thinking in a different way, changing perspectives and finding new mental models that help you get unstuck. Like warm water on the tongue and pipe. Set yourself free and get some help from people that help leaders and organizations grow and get unstuck.

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