Shana Finnegan


Shana Finnegan is known for guiding and engaging established and emerging leaders through an inspiring process of resetting their vision for personal and professional success, realigning their growth curve to achieve the vision, and refreshing beliefs and expectations that empower healthy behaviors and habits. While each coaching engagement is unique, there is one common outcome for all: experiencing joy and fulfillment in the process of growth in both work and life.

Shana’s approach to coaching is rooted in a belief that even the most accomplished leaders benefit from elevating their vision, levelling the ruts in the road, and expanding limiting beliefs and behaviors. Her empowering and mindful coaching style uncovers truths and revelations that play a key role in transformation and forge a path to new levels of success and happiness.

With more than two decades leading and transforming successful companies, Shana can relate to the challenges of C-level leaders. She believes that real growth – the kind that elevates people and accelerates personal and business growth – happens when we are willing to unravel and disrupt ineffective beliefs and habits, embrace curiosity and new ways of thinking, push perceived boundaries and limits, and finish what we start.

As COO and leader of several technology businesses, Shana has deep experience in business and leadership change initiatives and bringing them across the finish line successfully. Her passion is assessing, recommending, and implementing enterprise-wide initiatives that position an organization for profitable growth and foster a high-integrity culture that attracts, develops, and retains the best talent to deliver positive results.