Lisa Flanary

Executive Coach

Lisa is a believer in leading with integrity and authenticity. She is passionate about empowering and supporting other leaders in pursuing their personal missions and leadership development. She helps her teams and those she coaches or mentors to bridge the gaps from current to future states.

She believes in the principles of “The Corporate Athlete” (Jack Groppel, founder/author), starting by setting vision through new stories, telling and accepting old stories, and then setting plans to move from old to new. She applies the approach to business as well as personal goals. As a coach, she listens and helps her colleagues break down complex problems and work their way through a series of options to ultimately land on the ideal solution for their organization in the current environment.

Lisa specializes in leading the strategic designs and builds of new businesses. She has experience leading at companies ranging from small, not-for-profits to publicly traded Fortune 100. Areas of accountability and experience include strategy, marketing, market research, strategic account relationships, product management, innovation, web design, and client data management. While Lisa’s breadth of experience spans several areas, her passion is for strategy development, building businesses, and transformations or turnarounds.

Lisa is a lifelong learner. She continues to work with coaches and her personal and professional leadership network to learn from them. Her personal philosophy is that there is rarely, if ever, only one way to get things done. It is much more important to listen and incorporate ideas from others to gain their buy-in and alignment. Only then, will we accomplish great things together.

One of the books most given and suggested by Lisa to others is Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements”. She says that it is also the development resource she turns to when needing a personal refresh.

In her downtime, you will most likely find Lisa with a camera in hand, whether it be shooting a wrestling match, wildlife, candids for families, or senior photos.

Board memberships: Wrestle Like A Girl, Beyond Walls, Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing.

Education: Augustana University, BA in Mathematics and Journalism; University of IL at Chicago, MBA with Marketing emphasis