Dan Wallace

Growth Coach

Dan Wallace is an accomplished strategist and executive coach with extensive experience
helping leaders improve and grow enterprises. With a background in marketing, product
development, and strategic consulting, Dan uses his knowledge, experience and skills to
expand the range of solutions to complex problems.

Throughout his career, Dan has worked with a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500
companies to medium-sized firms, to innovative startups — providing inquiry, analysis and ideas
that lead to measurable success. He stimulates creative thinking that leads to actionable plans,
with ongoing support to help clients adapt to unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

Dan’s approach combines analytical rigor with a deep understanding of human dynamics and
creative thinking. He asks incisive questions that address both the functional and emotional
aspects of change. Dan builds strong relationships with clients by helping them achieve their
desired outcomes.

In addition to coaching and strategy work, Dan teaches at the Carlson School at the University
of Minnesota. He is the co-author of The Physics of Brand, published by Simon & Schuster. He
is passionate about helping leaders and teams grow.

Dan holds an Executive MBA based on systems thinking from the University of St. Thomas. His
commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth keeps him at the forefront of industry
best practices and trends.