Bob Seward

Executive Coach

Bob believes that authentic relationships are the foundation of leadership success.

Over the course of his 30-year career, Bob has earned the opportunity to lead many areas across organizations including information technology, marketing, sales, analytics, and strategy. In each new opportunity, he has always focused on developing relationships within the team and across the organization.

In addition, his strengths as a strategic thinker and trusted executive have allowed him to take on various roles to spearhead change and guide the organization forward by translating vision into action in the drive for revenue growth, profit, and shareholder value.

Bob has been called upon numerous times to:

Develop and implement strategic business plans
Accelerate growth through alignment of systems and processes
Spearhead major change to improve productivity and efficiency
Recruit, develop, coach, and lead teams of top performers
Bob’s approach to coaching is grounded in getting to know the individual. Delving into helping them to identify their strengths, passions and needs as well as gaps that may be inhibiting their success.