Sometimes A Job Badly Done Is The Job Description’s Fault

December 17, 2009

Usually when employees fail to fulfill the expectations their job descriptions raise, their superiors work with them to improve their performance. If that fails, they are sent packing. Such firings–and all the hurt feelings, wasted time and tried patience that accompany them–aren’t always avoidable, but leaders shouldn’t overlook the part the job description can play. Sometimes it’s the job description that should be sent packing, not the employee.

Poorly written or conceived job descriptions abound. Some are too much about the skills and knowledge the employee should have, rather than about responsibilities. Others are what I would call “results descriptions.” They say what should ultimately be achieved but nothing about how to achieve it. Still others might be called “vision descriptions.” They speak mainly of the hoped-for growth of the position and/or organization. Read the rest at Forbes

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