Shorten the Sales Cycle – Michael Boylan Accelerant – Book Review

February 18, 2010

Michael Boylan’s book, Accelerants, masterfully delivers a methodology to ascend from the trench that was, for most, 2009. He explains how to increase top line sales, compress sales cycle, and reduce the cost of sale.

Does everyone on your sales team believe in the benefits that your offerings provide? How does their level of buy-in affect their ability to close business in a timely manner? How much is an extended sale cycle costing you? These questions and more are addressed in Boylan’s book.

Michael BoylanAccelerants shows you how to shorten the sales-time-to-close rate. Start by offering products with a clear and unique value proposition. Clients want vendors to be confident, decisive, and articulate about how much the offering will benefit their organization. Your sales team will be more confident, decisive, and articulate if they truly buy-in to the product and the unique value proposition. They will hold the line, close the deal faster, more efficiently, and with less cost.
To learn more, please join us for CO2’s February 23 installment of “Eat the Book, a CEO Roundtable Discussion.” Michael Boylan will be on hand and provide the topic of discussion.

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