Saying no sometimes gets you further

July 30, 2008

When the former CEO of a Fortune 100 company calls, people do what he wants especially if you’re a new venture backed hi-tech firm. Or maybe not. The President of this hi-tech firm, Bob, knew this particular CEO/Venture Capitalist who was a long standing investor in his company. But this CEO now turned venture capitalist had not yet invested in the company’s last round of funding.

One day the CEO Venture Cap guy calls Bob to suggest that he meets with these guys at an Ivy-league university that are working on some really interesting related technology. Bob, after speaking with his partner, decided that they would have to pass on the meeting. They had determined that it was not in line with their vision and mission for the business. After Bob turned the CEO’s offer down, he immediately said, “Right answer.” And decided to invest in the company. Not only because it is a great new technology. but because he knew it was being lead with vision.
How many ideas have you turned down or not even explored because it falls outside of your vision? How many people are judging you because of your desire to run after all the bright, shiny objects?

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