Questions – A story that you have to hear!

August 20, 2009

Jim Estille has a blog named CEO Blog Time Leadership. He recently did a review of my book Just Ask Leadership. From that we started to exchange emails to one another – I guess this is how social networking works. He recently sent me a story for my speaking engagements. I liked it so I am sharing it. I am thinking he has many of these types of stories in his blog. Take a look.

A family: Mother, Father,  and little boy walking in the Zoo.

Boy – “Daddy, what kind of animal is that?”

Dad (fidgeting with his Blackberry) – “I don’t know” (somewhat absent-mindedly)

Boy (a bit later) – “Dad, what is that animal doing there?”

Dad – “Oh, Jimmy, just enjoy yourself!”

Boy (a short while later) – “Daddy, Daddy, why is that animal rolling on the ground?”

Mom (preemptively) – “Jimmy, don’t bother Dad with all those questions!”

Dad – “But let him ask questions. That’s how he’s going to learn!”

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