Psychology of Time – The Impact on Your Orientation

September 13, 2010

Professor Philip Zimbardo gives insight into how the perspective of time effects us.

Zimbardo’s current research on the psychology of Time Perspective focuses on the ways in which individuals develop temporal orientations that parcel the flow of personal experience into the mental categories, or time zones, of Past, Present, and Future, and also a Transcendental Future (beliefs about a future life after one’s death). Zimbardo and colleagues are interested especially in temporal biases in which these learned cognitive categories are not “balanced” according to situations, contexts and demands, but one or another are utilized excessively or underutilized. They have developed a new reliable, valid questionnaire instrument to assess individual differences in this subjective time perspective, called the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory, ZTPI.” – Standford University

Think about conflicts you have had with others around time and the attribution errors you make of others when you have differing perspectives of time. This insight around the perspective of time will have you looking at your world narrative in a new way. Today ask yourself how is my perspective of time effecting my insights and or behaviors?

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