Podcast from ASTD of Gary Cohen – Question based leadership!

August 7, 2011

Click to hear: ASTD TCC Podcast Gary Cohen Interview

Company leaders today face new and increasingly complex problems. Most of these problems are intractable, if not, in the end, problems without real, lasting solutions. It is an extremely frustrating situation for today’s leaders, who are accustomed to finding answers and whose ability to find the right answers got most of them into leadership positions in the first place.

This conundrum leaves leaders with two options: They can try to keep abreast of every issue and make the best possible decision, or they can start to ask more questions.

In this presentation you will learn to:

  • Make faster, clearer and more consistent decisions
  • Align team members with the organization’s vision and mission
  • Build unity and cooperation within the organization
  • Increase retention of high?achieving team members
  • Ask questions that inspire, not intimidate
  • Energize the organization
  • Increase team/company performance
  • Lessen the need to dictate and solve others’ problems
  • Create exceptional leaders in all ranks of the organization

All by using question based leadership approach. Based on the research with over 100 of the nation’s most exceptional leaders. Sign up for this years ASTD TCC Conference where Gary Cohen will be the Keynote Speaker November 14-15, 2011 St. Paul Rivercentre. Registration

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