A Model Mission Statement

November 5, 2013

Mission Statement

Today I believe a Mission Statements should optimally be 8 to 10 words in length. I did not always believe this to be true, as you will see from the example below from my first company. Today, I would call this a statement of belief, rather than a mission statement.

Our Mission Statement was captured with the illustration above by well known artist Stan Olson and was written by best selling author Harry Beckwith. We heralded our mission each time we answered the phone by asking, “How may I take the extra step.” In each office you would find a 4 by 6 foot reproduction of the mission statement and illustration. Every fax, email or letter asked how we may we take the extra step. If you worked at ACI Telecentrics you are likely still behaving to this mission. It was a way of life. Today every executive that worked at our company runs their own company or runs someone else’s.

Our Mission Statement

We’ll always take the extra step.

We’ll take the extra step for each other. We’ll talk straight. We’ll share the rewards of our growth, and reward our people more generously than similar companies. We’ll create a place to work that shows how much we care.

We’ll always take the extra step for our clients. We’ll treat them with uncommon courtesy and constantly look for ways to exceed their expectations and goals.

We’ll take the extra step in technology and training, finding new ways to be more effective and to develop the people that every other company wants.

We will look before we step, always planning. And those plans will recognize that profit and growth are our business’ lifeblood.

We’ll provide a haven for the things that count: honesty, courage, persistence, fresh ideas, laughter, and absolute integrity.

We will take the extra step. By doing so, we will deliver extraordinary service, create a wonderful place to work, and achieve our goal: our recognition as the standard setter in our industry.

Credits go to ACI Telecentric for this exquisite mission statement and to Harry Beckwith for publishing it in his compelling 2003 book (What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business)

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