Live from Aspen Institutes Idea Festival Starting July 2nd!

July 2, 2008

“The 2008 Aspen Ideas Festival will engage its participants in a variety of programs, tutorials, seminars and discussion events which together are guaranteed to charge the atmosphere with vibrant intellectual exchange. Think of it as a week-long summer university for the mind – remarkable lectures and classes across a stimulating array of topics.

Imagine some of the most inspired and provocative writers, artists, scientists, business people, teachers and leaders – drawn from myriad fields, from across the country and from around the world – all gathered in a single place, ready to teach, speak, lead, question and answer – all interacting with an audience of thoughtful people, who have stepped back from their day-to-day routines to delve deeply into a world of ideas, thought and discussion. The week promises to be stimulating, meaningful and fun – true to Aspen tradition.” – Aspen Institute Website

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