Leadership Wall – You may be blocking your team view

September 13, 2010

The other dayleadership wall I was driving un-noticeably fast when a police car pulled out behind me. Perhaps not so un-noticeable then. I may be paranoid, but I was sure the officer was going to pull me over. That is until he passed me. About five minutes later a car comes up behind me and keeps closing in on my bumper. She was continually trying to intimidate me into going faster and then did the swoosh thing with her hand saying go faster or get out of my way. What she did not know was just 1 minute in front of me was a police officer, likely itching to write one of us up. Needless to say her efforts to speed me up failed. Moments later she sees the flashing lights and immediately drops off of my bumper. To her I was simply an impediment, not a person that kept her from coming home without a speeding violation. How often is a leadership wall blocking the sight of viability from their organization? How often is the leader being blamed for decisions that others don’t have the same visibility? Do you think it is the leaders role to do this? Or do you think that the leader needs to become more transparent and alert the organization of a looming threat?

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