Leadership Tip: Save Your Reputation with Press Releases

May 3, 2010
save your reputation

Saving Your Reputation

This article is from a guest blogger, Bethany North, who is in the online business The Coffee Bump

If you are an online business, then one negative thing you can encounter is the ease at which other people can smear your reputation through the use of the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful yet volatile device, and if you start receiving bad reviews online, it can often seem that there is no coming back.

For instance, someone may have been a bad customer in the first place, but they choose to write numerous negative reviews about you online to “get back at you.” But what if you haven’t done anything wrong in the first place? Otherwise, you may have made a mistake with one of your customers, which can happen to anyone. However, if they are still mad about it, they may want to blog, tweet, or talk badly about you on Facebook. This could negatively affect the traffic and business going to your website, so what are you to do?

One of the best counteractive methods to save your reputation is through the use of online press releases. These can be submitted to an article directory that specializes in press releases, similar to what you would submit to a free article directory. You can write these press releases yourself, or you can hire someone else to write them for you. Ideally, they should be discussing your business, including any news on your business as a whole.

If you do have a customer complaining about the quality of your business on blogs or on Twitter, you can write numerous press releases and submit them to these directories. This way, when people Google your business name, these press releases will come up immediately in the Google search. They will only stay temporarily at the top of the rankings because Google favors new content. If you are only having a temporary problem, then this would be ideal. This means that if customers are Googling ” problems,” then instead of negative blog reviews or comments, your positive press releases will come up in the search.

When it comes to online businesses, not all press is good press. If you are having bad reviews or complaints about your business, then you can use the help of writing your own press releases to flood the Internet with positive news about your business. If you are trying to overcome a negative light that has been shed on your company, then you do need to continuously write press releases to counteract this information and stay at the top of the Google rankings.

by Bethany North

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