Leadership Assessment: a new way to evaluate employee engagement

May 2, 2010

Initial research conducted by 4ROI has shown that leaders that practice Just Ask leadership have significantly more engaged team members than leaders that do not.

Selected findings of leadership assessment:

• 100 % of people working with Just Ask leaders indicated that the leader was “extremely strong” or “outstanding” at “motivating others to maximize results,” whereas only 45% of people with Commanders said the same thing.

• Just Ask leaders are significantly more likely to ensure accountability in ways that maximizes productivity, builds a unified work environment, and motivates others to maximize results than Commanders.

• By increasing their Just Ask Number by ten, leaders would on average:

o Increase their skill at motivating other by 21%

o Increase their skill at unifying their workforce 29%

o Increase their skill at ensuring accountability 19%

• The results also confirmed the PEAK model in a number of ways (all results statistically significant (p<.05).

o The more leaders asked Perspective and Action (Innovator) questions, the more they were seen as communicating an exciting vision for the business.

o The more leaders asked Evaluative questions (Judge and Director), the higher the perception of a unified workforce.

o The more leaders asked Action questions (Director & Innovator), the more they were seen as assuring accountability leading to productivity.

o Asking more Knowledge and/or Action Questions (all styles) was seen as more motivating in ways that maximize results.

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