Exploring the Power of Question-Based Leadership with Gary B. Cohen

September 25, 2009

Just ask leadership

In the realm of effective leadership, the art of asking the right questions stands paramount. Gary B. Cohen, the co-founder of CO2 Coaching and a celebrated executive coach, delves into this crucial aspect in his book “Just Ask Leadership: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions“. His insights are further amplified in the insightful StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 20b, where Gary shares his profound understanding of question-based leadership.

The Essence of Inquiry in Leadership

Gary’s approach pivots around integrating thoughtful inquiry into leadership styles. In his book and the podcast, he outlines:

  1. A Process for Relevant Questioning: Understanding how to tailor questions to specific situations is crucial for effective leadership.
  2. Characteristics of Impactful Questions: Identifying what makes a question insightful and how it can drive constructive dialogue.
  3. Balancing the Quantity of Questions: Gary discusses the delicate balance between asking too many or too few questions, and how to recognize that sweet spot.
  4. Blending Questions into Leadership: Practical advice on seamlessly incorporating questioning into everyday leadership practices.

Additional Resources for Leaders

For those eager to delve deeper, Gary’s wisdom extends beyond his book. The Just Ask Leadership website and the CO2 Partners platform offer a wealth of resources. Particularly notable is the values assessment available at www.CEOTest.com, which can be a transformative tool for leaders seeking to understand and align their values with their leadership style.

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About Gary B. Cohen

Gary’s journey from co-founding ACI Telecentrics, scaling it impressively, to establishing CO2 Partners, positions him uniquely in the leadership sphere. His experiences have not only shaped successful businesses but have also fostered a deep understanding of the dynamics of leadership and organizational growth. Gary’s full biography and further insights can be explored here.

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