If You Flip A Coin, Which Side Will Land Up?

November 22, 2009

flip a coinIt was believed for many years that when you flip a coin you have a 50/50 chance of being able to call which side will land up. Recently, new research shows that the coin is said to have a 60% chance of landing on the side of the coin that is face up at the beginning of the toss (Recent Study).

I liken this to how you act when you believe something is true. You will continue to find what you start with. You will support what represents affirming data and avoid the data that counters your opinion. You do this because you see your belief system as a representation of yourself, and if you are wrong then you must be flawed. As you move into Thanksgiving week, you can choose to look at the positive attributes of those in your life on one side of your coin or you can look for the less appealing qualities on the other side. What side of the coin do you want to be looking at when your sitting beside your friends, relatives and colleagues?

As a leader remind yourself that what you see at the beginning of events will cognitively bias you. You may want to reconsider if it is really true!

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