How do you belong to the world?

October 21, 2011
belong to the world

Where do you belong?

What if you pursued your core desire? The thing you feel you were born to do?

Fear of failure keeps many of us from pursuing our core desires. But it shouldn’t. People fail all the time. Steve Jobs did, as did just about every other significant inventor. They learned from failure. It made them stronger and brought them closer to fulfilling their core desires and dreams.

You want to be respected, meet timelines, show up as a good spouse, mom, dad, or friend. You want to fulfill expectations and not disappoint others. This is why you stay put and don’t take big risks or make big departures. You don’t want to make yourself or others vulnerable.

Failure may test some of your relationships, but so will stifled dreams. What level of regret will you feel? Life is not a dress rehearsal, and you will never have a chance to do it over. Would you rather fail at something that is wholly you or succeed at something that means little to you?

How do you belong to the world?

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