From Success to Significance – Giving Back in Education

December 7, 2009

Those who know what drives me to achieve, know that it starts with educational challenges and learning differences. The emotional pain I went through feeling “less than” continues to push me today.

We all need to find our way to give back to help those who are struggling along the way. Some may be driven by urgency or need (What is the most important issue the world is facing today?). Others maybe driven by personal experience, like I am.

How do you want to move your life from success to significant? I want to do it in the world of education and here are three great programs that I support:

College Bound is an innovative program which uses college students to communicate the benefits of higher education to children in elementary schools. Started in 1994 by the McBride Foundation (New Mexico), over 150,000 students have since learned about the importance of personal responsibility, staying at grade level, and the opportunities created by higher education. Now that the high school dropout rate has risen to an alarming 60% at some inner city high schools, we believe it is urgent that impressionable children be exposed to the exciting opportunities available to them if they pursue their education.

Outward Boundis a non-profit educational organization that serves people of all ages and backgrounds through active learning expeditions that inspire character development, self-discovery and service both in and out of the classroom. Outward Bound delivers programs using unfamiliar settings as a way for participants across the country to experience adventure and challenge in a way that helps students realize they can do more than they thought possible. Customized courses provide curricula developed for struggling teens, groups with specific health, social or educational needs and business and professional organizations. Expeditionary Learning Schools Outward Bound offers a whole school reform model to more than 150 elementary and secondary schools throughout the country.

We help individuals and teams achieve their potential and develop the leadership skills needed to serve others and care for the world around them. Today Outward Bound serves 70,000 students and teachers annually.

All Kinds of Minds is a not-for-profit organization that translates the latest research from neuroscience and other disciplines on how children learn — and vary in their learning — into a powerful framework that educators can use in the classroom.

Our professional development courses offer not only breakthrough ideas but practical solutions for educators to unlock the potential of all children who learn differently.

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