Free Arts Minnesota Looking for Volunteers!

August 20, 2011
Free Arts Minnesota

Dan Thomas Free Arts Minnesota Executive Director

Dan Thomas, executive director has a plan to double healing in 2012. Free Arts give kids space and mentoring to heal. Currently they serve 2,000 children. To volunteer as a mentor reach out to Dan or one of the staff.

Free Arts Minnesota

Free Arts Minnesota Event at Mary’s Place

Free Arts Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the healing powers of artistic expression into the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children and their families. Free Arts Minnesota is dedicated to healing young lives through artistic expression. Free Arts recognizes that abuse encompasses a wide range of experiences such as trauma caused by violence, neglect, poverty, and homelessness.

Free Arts knows that artistic expression is a successful way to externalize emotions and gain self confidence. Through dance, drama, writing, music, painting, sculpting, photography and other avenues of creativity, Free Arts volunteers work to increase children’s self-esteem and build character by unlocking the imagination.

Free Arts Minnesota

Gary & Omar at Free Arts Minnesota Event

Children and families participating in Free Arts programs learn ways to channel emotion, release anger and express themselves safely. Building artistic skills gives children a positive sense of their own abilities.

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