Feed your personal network (Part 4)

September 13, 2012

Personal Network

 Building Your Personal Network

Building your personal network is only half the story. The other half is keeping that network alive and well–and that takes care and diligence. In Part 3 of this series we covered a number of social media resources that allow you to keep in touch with your personal network. But it isn’t just enough to “ping” them every once in a while. You need to really feed them.

Ken Krogue in a recent contribution to Forbes entitled “The Death of the SEO (Part 2)” gives some great advice on how to feed your network. He calls it generating real content. Here is Ken’s list:


  1. Research important questions.
  2. List good / bad examples.
  3. Passionately tell a story.
  4. Highlight recent trends.
  5. Survey best practices.
  6. Compile proven tips.
  7. Point out a problem.
  8. Recognize who.
  9. List what.
  10. Warn when.
  11. Show where.
  12. Debate why.
  13. Demonstrate how.
  14. State the so what?

It is not enough to “check in” at some ball game or restaurant; these contributions help others learn about you, but don’t provide much benefit to them. You also need to generate content that will be of value to your personal network. Use his “Core Content” model to generate and distribute content.

These efforts will make deposits into the emotional bank accounts (you know that from Stephen Covey) of those in your personal network. Someday you might need to make a withdrawal

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