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CO2 Executive Coaches based in Minneapolis, Minnesota have deep experience operating in business. This means our theories are grounded in practice. Move farther and faster to your next summit.

Common Leadership Challenges and Anticipated Outcomes

Leadership Development & Executive Presence

Enhancing the ability to inspire, influence, and guide others towards achieving shared objectives, while also cultivating a commanding presence that earns respect and motivates teams.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Increased influence and motivational capability.
  • Enhanced self-awareness and leadership identity.
  • Stronger alignment of personal and organizational values.

Effective Communication & Feedback Management

Mastering the art of conveying ideas clearly and persuasively, alongside giving and receiving feedback to foster a culture of open dialogue and continuous improvement.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Improved clarity and impact of messages.
  • Stronger relationships and team cohesion. 
  • Enhanced culture of growth and feedback.

Managing Change

Equipping leaders with the skills to navigate and lead through organizational transitions and market shifts.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • More agile response to change.
  • Better management of transition impacts.
  • Enhanced innovation in approaching challenges.

Conflict Resolution

Developing strategies to address and solve disagreements or conflicts constructively.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Improved conflict detection and management.
  • Preservation of team cohesion.
  • Strengthened problem-solving in diverse scenarios.

Building High-Performing Teams

Cultivating the ability to create, develop, and lead teams that consistently achieve and exceed goals both with positivity and productivity.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Alignment of team goals with organizational objectives.
  • Increased team motivation and engagement.
  • Leveraged individual strengths for collective success.

Time Management and Productivity

Enhancing the ability to prioritize tasks, delegate effectively, and achieve a balance between work and life.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Better prioritization of tasks and responsibilities.
  •  Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved work-life balance and personal well-being.

Isolation at the Top & Networking

Addressing the unique challenges of leadership loneliness by building supportive networks and relationships, both within and outside the organization.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Reduced sense of isolation and increased support.
  • Broader perspective and access to diverse insights.
  • Enhanced opportunities for collaboration and strategic partnerships.

Strategic Clarity, Execution & Alignment

Ensuring clear, actionable, and aligned strategic direction that guides decision-making and organizational efforts towards achieving long-term goals.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Clearer organizational vision and strategic focus.
  • Higher efficiency and effectiveness in execution.
  • Enhanced alignment and synergy across the organization.

Succession Planning & Cultural Transformation

Preparing for future leadership needs and aligning the organizational culture with strategic goals to ensure long-term success and adaptability.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Ensured continuity and stability in leadership transitions.
  • Stronger alignment of culture with strategic objectives.
  • Enhanced organizational resilience and adaptability.

Work-Life Harmony & Personal Growth

Achieving a balance that supports both professional responsibilities and personal well-being, while also pursuing continuous personal and professional development.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Enhanced overall well-being and job satisfaction.
  • Stronger resilience and adaptability.
  • Continuous learning and self-improvement.

Attracting, Growing, and Retaining Leadership

Developing a pipeline of leaders who are both capable and trustworthy.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Creation of a compelling leadership brand.
  • Enhanced talent development and succession planning.
  • Increased retention of high-potential leaders.

Integrating Social Responsibility

Embedding ethical practices and community engagement into the core business strategy.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Improved brand reputation and stakeholder trust.
  • Enhanced alignment with consumer values and expectations.
  • Greater impact on societal challenges and sustainability.

Culture of Adaptability

Fostering a flexible organizational culture that supports decentralized decision-making.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Faster response to market changes and challenges.
  • Empowered employees with higher job satisfaction.
  • Enhanced innovation and risk-taking capabilities.

Effective Decision Making and Execution

The capability to make strategic decisions swiftly and execute them effectively.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • More agile and efficient operational processes.
  • Reduced bottlenecks in decision-making.
  • Higher success rate in achieving strategic goals.

Executing Strategy with Right Talent

Aligning talent, processes, and tools to effectively execute the organization’s strategy.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Optimized talent utilization for strategic goals.
  • Streamlined processes and enhanced system efficiency.
  • Improved organizational agility and performance.

Alignment of Company Strategy

Ensuring that organizational goals and strategies are understood and embraced across all levels.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Enhanced coherence and synergy across departments.
  • Strengthened organizational culture and identity.
  • Higher overall organizational performance and achievement.

Emotional Intelligence & Building Trust

Developing the capacity to understand, use, and manage emotions effectively in oneself and others, thereby building and maintaining high levels of trust within the organization.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Deeper connections with team members and peers.
  • Improved conflict resolution skills.
  • Higher levels of trust and integrity across the organization.

Deep Work in a Shallow Work Environment

Cultivating the ability to focus deeply on cognitively demanding tasks, fostering meaningful work and innovation in an environment often characterized by superficial tasks.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Enhanced focus, creativity, and complex problem-soving.
  • Increased quality of output and the value it creates.
  • Personal and professional growth thru mastery.

Excessive Power & Wealth in Leadership

Addressing the challenges that arise when leaders wield too much power and possess significant wealth, potentially leading to ethical dilemmas, decision-making biases, and disconnects with team and organizational values. Likely not listening to others effectively around them.

Anticipated Outcomes From Coaching:

  • Enhanced empathy and connectedness
  • Sustainable growth and innovation with attention towards a longer term future than short term gains.
  • Resilience and Adaptability with greater grounding in values and commitment to a mission that transends personal attribution.

CO2 Coaching Framework


During a one-on-one call, we’ll cut to the core of your future vision and any challenges standing in the way of your ascent.

CO2 Coaching consultations

You’ll have the opportunity to interview several of our coaches to identify the coach whose expertise most aligns with your vision.


We’ll deliver a custom proposal for your review, detailing your personalized CO2 coaching plan.

Getting to work

You’ll meet with your CO2  coach for two 90-minute sessions per month. If you need to check in along the way, we’re always an email or phone call away.

Assessing progress

Periodic surveys and assessments help our coaches better understand you, your team, and your organization.

Reaching your next peak

Your coach will be the first to celebrate with you when you reach the summit, and help you define your next peak together.

Tangible Benefits Executive Coaching Minneapolis

Achieving extraordinary impact

We have yet to meet a client that wants to be ordinary. We ensure extraordinary success by helping them win on whatever field they’re playing on, whether that be: growing their business, expanding their margin, entering a new market, reducing costs or transitioning into a new role. 

Managing through complexity

The more time spent sharpening one’s ax, the less time and effort it will take them to chop the wood. In a complex and ever-changing world, we help leaders hone their tools. We equip them with the mental models needed take decisive action in the face of complexity and discontinuity—helping them understand how to approach problem-solving through emergence rather than simplicity.

Transitioning from doing to leading

At the start of one’s careers their value comes from getting things done. As one progresses into leadership roles their continued success hinges on their ability to redefine their value. We help effective doers learn how to become excellent leaders, capable of achieving things bigger than themselves through others. 

Aligning teams

Something magical happens when everything comes together: when a symphony plays in harmony or a dance troupe moves perfectly in sync. We help teams find their flow— where they are engaged, motivated, aligned around a shared purpose and values, and working synchronously towards an outcome that cannot be achieved alone.

Creating transformation that cascades

Whether by the design or default, the mindset of leaders cascade. When leaders inspire and engage their teams, those teams go on to do the same. We help leaders become an example of the change they want to see in their teams, their organization, and the greater world. We make transformation not only personal, but systemic.

Intangible Benefits Executive Coaching Minneapolis

Finding belonging

Leadership can be a lonely profession. We offer leaders a person in their corner, a trusted and unbiased partner, with whom they can safely and authentically express their vulnerability, voice their concerns, bounce ideas, ask questions out loud, and explore new ways to show up as a leader.

Balancing on the ridge line

Leaders often find themselves on a ridge—to one side they find humility and empathy, the other ego and an “all that” attitude. We help leaders stay on top of the precipice. We inspire self-authorship, encouraging leaders to trust their voice, feel validated in their decisions, and have the confidence to follow their instincts, without losing a deep and thoughtful regard for others. 

Strengthening bonds

We strengthen the relationships between team members by building trust and support among them. We instill cultures of mutual respect and communication in order to improve the quality and vulnerability of interactions between co-workers.

Expanding perspectives

No one amidst a forest can see it all. We help leaders see things in a new way by expanding their awareness of purpose, culture, people, execution, systems and strategy and the many ways they interconnect.

Deepening self-awareness

To lead effectively, you must first know yourself. We help leaders become more aware of themselves: their strengths, their biases, their blindspots; how they show up, how they impact others, and how their individual efforts connect to the greater whole.

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CO2 Coaching Services Minneapolis, Minnesota

Executive coaching

Grow Yourself, Empower Teams, Reach the Next Peak
For each step of the climb, CO2 Coaching Coaches act as sherpas — listening, asking, pointing the way to better routes. CO2 coaches were business leaders first. So, we understand your challenges, see hidden problems and uncover opportunities.

Strategy to Action Plan

Strategy to Action™ planning

Create a One-Page Roadmap to Success.                                                CO2 Coaching’s proven approach includes stakeholder input and organizational collaboration. This process transforms values and vision into achievable objectives. Your organization will move from uncertainty to action with a one-page plan ­– your roadmap to success.

Team Coaching and Team Development

Team coaching

Transform Team Potential into Peak Performance
Our Team Leader View™ and Team Diagnostic™ tools provide actionable insights for tailored coaching to increase your team’s engagement and performance. This holistic approach is backed by years of data from thousands of teams. Team Coaching ensures that every team member achieves peak alignment, cohesion, collaboration, improvement and results.

Leadership Training

Ascent leadership training

Elevate Cohorts of High-Potential Leaders                                              This is a hands-on, year-long experience where high potential leaders deliver results to the organization. Action learning develops leadership skills in high potentials while establishing a strong bench of senior leaders. This is deep learning by doing that can pay for itself.

We’re with you every step of the climb


What are the benefits of working with an executive coach?

Executive coaching can be a transformative experience that enhances your capacity to lead and accelerates both your career and your business growth. Coaches deepen self-awareness by identifying strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make more informed decisions and improve your leadership skills; and serve as a sounding board, offering valuable insights and perspective to foster greater confidence and resilience in navigating complex business environments.

How do I find a good executive coach?

First, consider your coaching objectives. Then, seek out recommendations from trusted sources and interview potential coaches to assess their qualifications and compatibility with your needs. Look for coaches with relevant experience and certifications, and check their references to ensure a track record of helping clients achieve their goals. Ultimately, choose a coach who aligns with your goals, values, and coaching style preferences for a successful partnership.

How can an executive coach help?

An executive coach becomes as trusted partner, guiding leaders to unlock their potential and become more effective, confident, and successful in their roles. Coaches do this by helping leaders improve their leadership skills, such as effective communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution. And, they provide valuable feedback and support in setting and achieving career goals, managing stress, and navigating challenges.

Is an executive coach worth it?

Yes! Executive coaches can provide a profound sense of support, empowerment, guidance, and encouragement that can boost a leader’s confidence, reduce feelings of isolation, and offer a reassuring presence in the often lonely world of leadership. CO2 Coaches do more than help leaders achieve their goals, they’re an invaluable sounding board helping them navigate stress, uncertainty, and setbacks with resilience.

Can coaching be done remotely?

Absolutely. Our coaches work with you just as effectively remotely as they would in person, so that your coaching schedule always fits into the rest of your schedule.

What kind of support is provided outside of my coaching sessions?

CO2 Coaching offers online training that aligns with your in-person sessions, so you can log into our portal and dig deeper whenever you have the time.

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