Do you have projectors in each office?

March 31, 2011
projectors in each office

Collaborate via Projection

Google, Microsoft, and app providers like Dropbox allow collaboration remotely—both synchronous and asynchronous. These tools are tremendously efficient and effective, but may leave team members feeling disconnected. The more we work alone in our offices, the more we need some face-to-face interaction, collaboration, and reassurance. Meetings help, but they can be tug of wars, too. Rarely are meetings seen or used as a place for interpersonal connection and non-work activities.

What do you do to facilitate team-building at the workplace?

One of my clients put projectors in everyone’s office. It’s not uncommon to walk into an office there and be invited to sit down and watch something fun or interesting. Coworkers might even watch the Super Bowl or the Academy Awards together. The camaraderie I witnessed prompted me to suggest projectors in each office for other clients. And it’s had a positive impact: better workplace morale, more collaboration, and an increased sense of team.

There are so many reasons today never to leave your office. Give your coworkers a good, fun reason to share and interact, in person.

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